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Agranulocytosis is congenital and acquired. Congenital is associated with genetic factors and is extremely rare. The acquired forms of agranulocytosis are detected with a frequency of 1 case per 1300 people.

It was described above that, depending on the characteristics of the pathological mechanism underlying the death of Zetia, the following types are distinguished: myelotoxic (cytotoxic disease); autoimmune; haptenic (medicinal).

Zetia online of the course, agranulocytosis is acute and chronic.

Symptoms begin to occur after the level of anti-leukocyte antibodies in the blood reaches a certain limit. In this regard, whenagranulocytosis, first of all, a person is disturbed by the following symptoms: poor general health - severe weakness, pallor and sweating; fever (ezetimibe), chills; the appearance of ulcers in the mouth, tonsils and soft palate. In this case, a person feels a sore throat, it is difficult for him to swallow, salivation appears; pneumonia; sepsis; ulcerative lesions of the small intestine. The patient feels bloating, loose stools, cramping abdominal pains.

The genuinic (idiopathic) form is also known, in which the cause of the development of agranulocytosis cannot be established.

In addition to the general manifestations of agranulocytosis, changes occur in the blood test: in a person, the total number of leukocytes sharply decreases; there is a drop in the level of neutrophils, up to a complete absence; relative lymphocytosis; increased ESR. To confirm the presence of agranulocytosis in a person, a bone marrow study is prescribed. After the diagnosis is made, the next stage begins - the treatment of agranulocytosis.

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Diagnostics of the agranulocytosis. The group of potential risk for the development of agranulocytosis consists of patients who have undergone a severe infectious disease, receiving radiation, cytotoxic or other drug therapy, suffering from collagenoses. From clinical data, the diagnostic value is a combination of hyperthermia, ulcerative necrotic lesions of visible mucous membranes and hemorrhagic manifestations.


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The most important for confirmation of agranulocytosis is a complete blood count and bone marrow puncture. The peripheral blood picture is characterized by leukopenia (1-2x109 / l), granulocytopenia (less than 0.75x109 / l) or agranulocytosis, moderate anemia, with severe degrees - thrombocytopenia. The study of the myelogram reveals a decrease in the number of myelokaryocytes, a decrease in the number and impaired maturation of cells of a neutrophilic lineage, the presence of a large number of plasma cells and megakaryocytes. To confirm Zetia nature of agranulocytosis, antineutrophil antibodies are determined.

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All patients with agranulocytosis are shown an X-ray of the lungs, repeated blood tests for sterility, a biochemical blood test, a consultation with a dentist and an otolaryngologist.

It is necessary to differentiate agranulocytosis from acute leukemia, hypoplastic anemia. It is also necessary to exclude HIV status.

Myelotoxic disease can have the following complications: Pneumonia. Sepsis (blood poisoning).